Continuous Integration Application Onboarding

Databiology CIAO provides a full application development environment for developers offering both simplicity and flexibility.

Easy-to-use app builder
  • Integrates with your own source code repositories (Git, Bitbucket, etc.)
  • Simple configuration to create application specifications
  • Stack independence –- middleware are packaged with the application
  • Quick and easy to adapt existing applications with minimal to no refactoring required

Comprehensive testing environment
  • Storage and compute capacity to test and optimize applications for all platform configurations
  • Common biomedical datasets readily available
  • Real-time inspection capabilities for each container
    • Monitors – IO (CPU and memory)
    • Logs – including searchable logs
    • Exec – shell access to your containers

Publishing and distribution capabilities
  • Reach users of dozens of organizations
  • Graduate applications to the Databiology application store
  • Publish directly to specific Databiology instance for access by your organization
  • Deployment of tested applications allows users to be productive immediately